Cornerstone Content FAQ

If you want to rank highly on Google and illustrate your authority on a subject in your industry, cornerstone content is essential. Despite its importance, there is still a lot that business owners don’t know about cornerstone content: what it is, how to write it, what the purpose of it is. In this brief guide to cornerstone content, our Atlanta Internet Marketing Agency will answer your burning questions about this highly important type of website content.

What is Cornerstone Content, Anyway?

Cornerstone content is well-written and highly useful foundational content that drives confidence in readers about your brand. This content is where leads often make their decision to convert. It’s because of this fact that cornerstone content is highlighted as the most important piece of content on a business website. This is the content that establishes a first impression.

What Makes for Good Cornerstone Content?

In order to be effective, cornerstone content should have these qualities:

  • It is free to access (not hidden behind a subscription or paywall).
  • It is well-written, meaning that it is free of spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors.
  • It engages the reader with highly relevant, accurate and interesting information.

What are the Benefits of Having Cornerstone Content?

The most important benefit of well-written cornerstone content is that it invokes confidence in the reader. With this content, you illustrate that you know your stuff and can impart useful information to your leads. Consumers will always choose businesses that they feel they can trust, and cornerstone content is a great way to get a relationship with a sales lead on the right foot.

Another benefit of cornerstone content is that you can link to it throughout your website, in email marketing and on social media. You can pointedly direct individuals to the most relevant page on your website with a simple link. That might not sound very cool, but it sure is effective.

How Should I Format My Cornerstone Content?

At first, many people mistakenly believe that cornerstone content needs to be written and entered into the website in a text-based format. This simply isn’t true. The goal is to inspire confidence and establish your brand’s authority. You can do this in any number of ways, including:

  • Text content, like blog posts and articles.
  • How-to or step-by-step guides.
  • A single video or a series of videos.
  • Visualized data, such as infographics, charts and maps.
  • A free tool or application available via the website.

The options are numerous and truly only limited by your imagination!