NPU-T: See Something Say Something Initiative

Atlanta City Councilmember Ivory Lee Young, Jr. “Keeping you informed.”

See Something Say Something is an initiative aimed at encouraging City employees and citizens to be the eyes and ears for a safer city. A safe city requires the efforts of all. The more observant and involved employees and citizens are in their everyday lives, the less likely crime occurs undetected. If we are all watching and reporting suspicious activity, we reduce the areas where criminals feel safe committing their crimes. See Something, Say Something is aimed at creating a city where NO criminal feels safe.

The idea of See Something Say Something is to teach everyone to be a good witness and report what they see in as much detail as possible. We are not asking anyone to put themselves in harm’s way to retrieve this information, only to safely take note of what they see and hear. What drew their attention to the activity? Who was involved? What were they wearing? What was their location? How were they involved in the act? In short, the Who, What, When, Where, and How of every incident; details that will assist law enforcement in solving and often preventing a crime.

If you see suspicious activity, say something. Suspicious activity can be difficult to define, but if you see something that doesn’t feel right and makes you question the activity, call 911. Keep in mind that suspicion should be based on a person’s actions and not on their appearance, race, nationality or sex. 

We ask that if you see something suspicious in progress, call 911. Callers can remain anonymous. If a caller has information that would assist in solving a crime they can call Crime Stoppers Atlanta (404-577-TIPS (8477). The anonymous information provided through the Crime Stoppers helps law enforcement agencies in their investigations and can play a major role in the apprehension of criminals and in securing convictions.

As you go around the city during your work day you have the opportunity to become additional eyes and ears. For those of you who have radios, you will soon be trained on how to use them to report suspicious activity.

This program is for all city employees and citizens while they are at work or home. Every employee is a citizen, whether here in the city of Atlanta or in one of the surrounding cities. Being observant of your surroundings at all times is just good personal safety. Being a good witness at all times and being willing to report what you see is what will make the difference between living in a city where criminals feel comfortable operating vs. living in a city where criminals won’t operate because they know everyone is watching, taking notes, and reporting.

Join us and if you See Something, Say Something! Together we can make this partnership a success.




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