Opportunities from United Way and Community Foundation

As the local elections are nearing, there are various organizations (including ours) that are working to increase engagement in communities. Do note, we are not pushing voter registration or looking to step outside of our lane as it relates to civic engagement. We are simply increasing our effort to make the connection between the quality of life and public policy/government to residents in the City of Atlanta (proper).
However, there are a lot of opportunities we are receiving that typically do not reach our communities. I would love to share these opportunities with you and get you printed materials, if we receive any, so you can share them with your networks.
If at any point my emails become overwhelming, please send me a note and I will fall back. 🙂
Currently, there are two opportunities I wanted to share with you as educators and those in capacities to reach even further than I can. These are sponsored by the Community Foundation and United Way…so I am simply the messenger! One is Ideas Challenge (14 years olds and up can apply) and the other is Spark Prize.
Both of these are competitions where ideas are submitted and people pitch their ideas to the grantor. Applications are very short to decrease barriers to entry and pitch trainings are provided at our center in case folks need assistance sharpening their pitches in advance.
The prize for Ideas Challenge is $500 for five people/organizations and $10,000 for the finalist. They are looking for ideas on how to increase voter turnout, educate the community on elections and a few more items you can read by clicking the links above. High school students can apply and submit their ideas as well so please feel free to circulate in schools and to instructors.
Spark Prize is geared primarily toward educators and improving the life of youth/children. More info can be found in the link above as well. I hope this is helpful in some way or form. If you would like to formally partner with the Center for Civic Innovation and we place you on our larger distribution list, please let me know.
Raina Turner
Community Engagement Director
Center for Civic Innovation |


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