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Fwd: #ATLisREADY: Oct. 19th Meeting

monthly movement building meeting is quickly approaching. It will be 7:00pm on Wednesday, October 19th
at the Rick McDevitt Youth Center in Peoplestown. This will be a big one. We invite you, yo’ cousin and ya mama too to come out as we strategically align the progressive and revolutionary movement’s efforts. We will be diving into the closure of the Peachtree
and Pine Shelter from all angles (housing, education, access to healthcare, policing for profit). We’ve already confirmed some key players and organizers to give us a full-scale understanding of some very layered issues.

As always bring any printed materials for circulation. Please share
this announcement and the graphic with your network of Ready folks!



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NPU-T Bike Rack Installations in SW ATL-Survey

I wanted to send along a link to a very important survery that you should fill out, and pass along to your neighbors. The City of Atlanta Planning Department is now soliciting requests for locations for on street bike racks and regular bike racks.
I suggest that you collaborate with your neighborhood associations, and walk your neighborhood in order to identify locations that might best be served with a bike rack. Also keep in mind that the Chief Bicycle Officer(Becky Katz) is a resident of SW Atlanta, and lives in Adair Park. This is a great opportunity for our neighborhoods to get more bike racks installed.
Here is the link:


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NPU-T NPU K: FAES: Pre-K spaces available!

A critical piece to Family Academic Engagementis Early Learning. Please see the information below and share with your networks. J
Let’s get our children age 4 enrolled and as well as helping our guardians staying home with young children not enrolled in programs find employment if this option will assist.

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NPU-T MLK Corridor: TIGER Grant Application

Please see the attachment. As you may have heard, the plan for MLK Jr. Dr. from Northside Dr. to Westlake is for the street to transform into a two lane street with a turning lane, green space and the now popular bike lanes. As I tell parents and families, documentation beats conversation. An email to our leadership is forthcoming. If you have any questions or concerns, that would be a great time to incoporate them. I wanted everyone to have enough time to review the information and have your question and concerns ready.
Also, please ask questions about community development and changes at your upcoming NPU, community, neighborhood association and church meetings.
SN: As of August 6th many residential bus routes and stops were closed and/or discontinued in SW & NW Atlanta communities. Also, new and some older apartment complexes in the city limits are no longer taking Section 8, vouchers or supplement incomes which has effective Veterans and senior/grandparents raising school aged children. 

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Music at Wren’s Nest


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NPU-T – Walmart is hosting Interviews tomorrow

Walmart is looking to hire via The Center for Working Families, please share this info with neighbors:

WHAT: Walmart Interviews
WHEN:Wednesday, July 20, 2016 1pm-4pm
WHERE: 477 Windsor Street, SW Suite 101 Atlanta, GA 30312
HOW: Come dressed in business casual attire
APPLY Store Code: 3008

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NPU-T Chair Reminder: WCAG Meeting Thursday, July 21st at 6:30pm Join Us!

The members of WCAG  (Washington Cluster Advocate Group) are  looking forward to continuing our monthly education dialogue with our neighbors and stakeholders within the communities served by the  Washington Cluster schools.  Please plan to join us at 6:30pm this Thursday, July 21st in the new Hollis Innovation Academy (formerly known as Kennedy Middle School) where we plan to share Dr. Carstarphen’s response to WCAG’s effort to ensure equity within in the Washington Cluster and create high quality educational options for ALL children residing within our attendance zone .  In an effort to ensure meeting efficiency, we ask that you review WCAG’s  position paper  and the letter of request forwarded to Dr. Carstarphen and the APS School Board before the meeting.  Questions? Contact 678-607-5674

Follow Up Letter to Dr Carstarphen 6-28-16

Washington Cluster Points of Concern

, ,

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NPU-T Public Notification | Speed Tables Installation

Attached please find the speed tables installation notifications that has been mailed to impacted property owners along Holderness Street, SW.   This notification, which includes the date parking restriction enforcement will take place and its boundaries, will be shared with NPU-T.  You are encouraged to share this information with your contacts and constituents.   If you have any additional questions regarding this notification, I can be reached through the contacts below.









The Department of Public Works is pleased to announce the installation of speed tables, trafficcalming devices, to be installed on

Holderness Street, SW, between Westview Drive and Sells Avenue.


This project will begin in late July and is scheduled to be completed

within thirty-days (30), weather permitting.


Emergency No Parking sign may be placed along the project areas 48-72 hours prior to theinstallation, if necessary. Please move your vehicle to an off-street parking area or a side street

prior to construction activities otherwise it may be subject to being towed.

Speed Table Installation Notification – Holderness Street, SW

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NPU-T Fulton County Offers Safety Tips for Summer Swimming

Fulton County Offers Swimming Pool Precautions as Mid-Summer Heat Continues

Tips to Avoid Injuries, Drownings and Recreational Water Illnesses (RWI)


ATLANTA, GA – As the mid-summer temperatures continue to soar, it is open swim time at more than 1,200 public swimming pools in Fulton County.  The Fulton County Health Department warns that accidental drownings among toddlers and youth and recreational water illnesses (RWI) among all swimmers can be avoided by practicing key safety precautions.


Recreational water illnesses are caused by germs and chemicals found in the pool water. The germs are spread by swallowing, breathing in mists or having contact with contaminated water in pools and water parks, etc., according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


Fulton County’s Environmental Health specialists have been busy inspecting public pools to ensure water clarity and proper chlorine balance. The inspectors also check for the presence of prominently placed safety equipment, including proper gate height, 911 emergency phones and first aid kits.


“Some of the most common pool inspection violations are pools where the chemical readings are too low and where the flow meters are not working properly,” explains Fulton County’s Environmental Health Deputy Director Ellis Jones. Prior to entering a public pool, Jones recommends parents of young swimmers and adult swimmers check the pool’s latest inspection report.  Public pool inspection reports are to be placed in a visible location, typically near the pool entrance or in the main swimming area. To report a public pool safety hazard in Fulton County, call 404-613-1303.


The CDC and the American Red Cross recommend these additional safety precautions for swimmers: 


FIVE Tips to Prevent Swimming Pool Injuries and Accidental Drownings Before You Enter the Pool

•             Check for a lifeguard.  If on duty, the lifeguard should be focused on the swimmers.

•             If NO lifeguard is on duty, a “NO Lifeguard on Duty” sign should be posted. Swim at your own risk!

•             Know where the safety equipment is located.

•             Use well-fitting Coast Guard approved life jackets for flotation rather than foam or air-filled toys.

•             Don’t swim if pool drain covers are missing or broken, or can’t be clearly seen.


Four Tips to Prevent Recreational Water Illnesses (RWI) While in the Pool

•             Don’t swim when you have diarrhea or have an open wound on your body.

•             Shower before you enter the pool.  After leaving the pool, shower again for at least a minute.

•             Don’t swallow the water.

•             Don’t urinate or defecate in the water.

Fulton County Offers Safety Tips for Summer Swimming


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