5 Common Sense Tips to Boost Your Email Marketing Strategy

Reaching out to a wide customer base is tough, but email marketing has been widely praised as a solution to this problem. By giving prospective customers and existing customers a means to opt-in so that they may see the latest and greatest your business has to offer, you keep them in the know. It offers a sense of transparency, which modern consumers prioritize highly in their interactions with retailers and service providers. But there is a right and wrong way to go about email marketing. In this article, we’re offering five tips to help your marketing tactic achieve success.

Put a Sign-Up Feature on Your Site

If a lead decides that they like the look, feel and functionality of your site (in addition to the product or service you offer), they’re going to want to learn more. If they can sign up for email notifications from you, there’s a strong chance that they will do it. This is also the easiest way to build your subscriber list.

Keep Formatting Neat and Clean

Broken or wonky HTML makes emails (or pretty much anything else) difficult to read. And if someone can’t read the content or doesn’t feel inclined to sift through lines of poorly-written and broken code, that email is going straight into the trash. Make sure that everything reads well, that all graphics are appealing and clean to look at, and the body of the email is structured well.

Link to Yourself

The goal of email marketing, and most other types of online marketing, are to get people to visit your website. Whenever it applies, make sure to link to relevant pages from your website in your email to customers. This prompts organic website traffic and helps to establish your authority in your industry.

Make it Easy to Opt-Out

You should make it as easy to opt-out of your subscriber list as easy as it was to opt-in. If people feel that they cannot unsubscribe easily from your emailing list, they’re going to get increasingly frustrated with each email they receive. And the goal, as you know, is not to make people ticked off at your brand.

Optimize Emails for Mobile

So much of our lives are conducted from the convenience of smart phones and tablets, so mobile optimization is essential for any communication you may have with your customer base. If someone can’t reasonably read your email from their smart phone, they’re not going to hop onto their laptop just to view it.

Marketing isn’t an easy thing to do, especially if you want to do it well. Take these steps to ensure that you are delivering high-quality content to your subscribers’ inboxes.